PhD at the Institute of Anthropology in Leipzig

The Institute of Anthropology offers an excellent academic environment for the writing of a PhD Dissertation. We offer intensive and individual supervision or co-supervision by an academic staff member of the institute as well as PhD colloquia, reading groups and workshops, during which PhD students discuss their work, receive peer-review feedback and further develop their academic and professional skills.
In the first year of their PhD program, students write a research proposal, read relevant and state of the art literature and have the possibility to take language classes in order to prepare themselves for fieldwork. The second year consists of 10 to 16 months of fieldwork. In the third and fourth year, students write their dissertation and begin to write articles for publication. Monthly meetings with the supervisor allow for extensive and detailed feedback.
Apart from the individual work, PhD students take part in the following group activities:

  1. • A fortnightly PhD colloquium during which students peer-review and discuss each other's texts,

  2. • A fortnightly seminar, in which students read and discuss advanced literature,

  3. • Every semester the Institute organizes a lecture series in which academics from Germany and abroad present their most recent work,

  4. • At regular intervals the Institute organises 'Masterclasses' with a renowned scholar during which students can discuss and develop their ideas,

  5. • The Research Academy Leipzig offers courses in 'Transferable Skills' such as Academic English, Academic Writing and Publishing, Working with Library Software, and Presentation Skills, for example.

  6. • PhD students are encouraged to apply for Summer Schools.



If you wish to apply for a PhD at the Institute of Anthropology, please contact the supervisor of your choice directly. This link offers an overview of the academic staff at the institute and their respective thematic and regional foci. Your application should include the following:
• Project Proposal (3 pages) including the topic of your proposed research, a discussion of the state of the art literature, empirical and theoretical goals, methodological approach and time schedule.
• Academic CV
After you have been accepted by a supervisor, you can register as a PhD candidate at the Faculty of History, Art History and Oriental Studies, University of Leipzig. This will give you access to the Library, Cafeteria and other university and student facilities. Applicants from Non-EU countries will have to register at the university to apply for a Student Visa.


Applying for Research Clusters

Students are given the opportunity to apply for membership in a 'Research Cluster' that offers more structured PhD Programs. The Institute of Anthropology cooperates with several of these Graduate Programs, such as:

Global and Area Studies
Religious Non-Conformism and Cultural Dynamics (Religiöser Nonkonformismus und kulturelle Dynamik)
Cultural Exchange (Kultureller Austausch - altertumswissenschaftliche und ethnologische Perspektiven)

For more information about the application to a Research Cluster, please contact the respective institute directly.
Click here for more general information about a PhD at the University of Leipzig.


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