Studying at the Institute of Anthropology in Leipzig

Studying in Leipzig
Leipzig is a prime cultural center in the heart of Germany. In recent years – after Germany's reunification - it has experienced a boom that has turned it into a fast-growing city throbbing with energy and student life. Cheap living, a vivid cultural program, a big and excellent university, innumerous student organizations, NGOs, cultural associations, and political initiatives, as well as extensive nature and sports facilities, make Leipzig a very attractive city for students from all over the world. Furthermore, situated close to Berlin and Dresden, Leipzig offers the perfect geographical location from which to explore eastern Germany.


The Institute
The Institute of Anthropology offers high quality education through its small scale, personal contact, and engaged staff members. Education is research-oriented but also offers training in practical skills through project-based learning, internships, and a possible minor in Museum Anthropology. Students complete a set of conceptual core courses and can choose from a wide range of languages classes (such as, among others, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Mongolian, Hausa, Swahili and Tibetan) and elective courses at other institutes (i.e. African Studies, Oriental Studies, Indology, Digital Humanities, Political Sciences, etc.). Staff members at the Institute of Anthropology have regional expertise in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Current research strengths are Globalization, Urbanization, Entrepreneurship, Anthropology of Conflict, Science and Technology Studies.

All programs at the Institute of Anthropology in Leipzig are free for local and international students.


In the following you will find more information about studying at the Institute of Anthropology in Leipzig:


Weekly Schedule

NEUWochenplan SS2017

The weekly schedule for the summer term 2017 is available for download HERE.


Teaching Program Summer Term 2017

KVV SS 17 

The teaching program for the summer term 2017 is available for download HERE.


Annette Veit
 Tel + 49 341 97 37 220
Fax + 49 341 97 37 229
Office Hours:
10 am - 11 am
1 pm - 2 pm


Ursula Rao
 +49 341 97 37 221
Institut für Ethnologie
Schillerstraße 6
04109 Leipzig