Dr Lothar Bohrmann taught at the Institute of Anthropology between 1977 and 2016. His academic focus was the ethnography of the Middle East, economic anthropology, anthropology of religion, anthropological history.


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Professor Annegret Nippa taught at the Institute of Anthropology between 2003 and 2014. Before joining the University of Leipzig she worked at the Freie Universität in Berlin, the University of Zürich and Bern (Switzerland) and was Director of the Anthropological Museum in Dresden. Her interdisciplinary work combined the fields of art history, anthropology and museology. She curated many exhibitions among them the very successful concluding exhibition of the priority programme 'Difference and Integration' (SFB 586). It portrayed experiences of Nomadic peoples in a sedentary world, and took place in the Ethnographic Museum of Hamburg. Her theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the field of Material Culture provided a solid basis for sustained teaching in Museum Anthropology.


Professor Bernhard Streck was director of the Institute of Anthropology between 1994-2010, during the difficult years after Germany's reunification. He has published extensively in the fields of History of Anthropology, Intercultural comparison, Anthropology of Religion and Migration Studies. His regional specializations range from the Middle East to the Northeast of Africa. Bernhard Streck's most recent book (2013) "Sterbendes Heidentum" (Dying Paganism) compares religious belief systems, world-views and practices that existed prior to the 'religions of the book'.


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