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Ursula Rao is an urban anthropologist researching in India. The central focus of her  work is changing power relations in rapidly globalising cities, with regards to three  different topics: (1) the interaction between urban poor and state agencies in a landscape of  shifting ideologies of urbanity and social security; (2) the changing role of news media for shaping urban  politics; (3) The role of religious institutions and ritual performances for  renegotiating social relations. Her current work focusses on e-goverance and biometric technology. Ursula Rao is a member of the research network Law, Organization, Science and Technology (LOST).

Before joining the University of Leipzig Ursula Rao held academic positions at the University of Heidelberg (1999-2002), the University of Halle (2002-2006) and the University of New South Wales, Sydney (2007-2012).


e-Governance, neoliberalism, media and technology, journalism, ritual, India



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"Markets of Development. Experiences of Illness and Healing in Urban India". financed by the German Research Council (2014-2016)

“The application and consequences of e-governance for India’s fight against urban poverty”, financed by Australian Research Council (2012-2014)


Other Academic Activities

Member of Advisory Board of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Area Studies – Middle East, Africa, Asia (ZIRS), University of Halle

Book Reviews Editor at South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies


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