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Tim WeldonI am an Activist Anthropologist with a background in Sociology and History. My current work centers on protest, activism, and political and economic alternatives in a squatted social center in Prague, CZ.

More broadly, my work focuses not only personal critiques of capitalism(s), and their various accompanying political forms, but more pointedly on actually existing(ed) daily lived non-capitalist societal alternatives.

To do this, I examine the different ways people in anarchist communities build economies of sharing within their rejection of private property. I look at people's experiences with horizontal and consensus based politics, and what these actually look like in lived practice. How people can build non-monetized and sustainable communities in rural West Africa, and how autonomous communities in the Jamaican highlands maintain and structure their independence. And of course, I scour the anthropological record to learn how other communities – from the Iroquois and Inuits, to Romans and various Chinese dynasties – have historically structured their social interaction, decision making practices, distribution and exchange, dynamics of power, inclusivity, gender, difference, etc. In short, I want to know what we the people of our current global society can learn from our past and this present towards building a better more inclusive future for each of us.


I am not regionally focused, as I either have or am developing projects in the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, and West Africa (not to mention a love affair with ancient China). Academically, I have experience with political and economic anthropology, history, and sociology; and topically with democratic theory; social movements/control; economic and social justice; Leftist autonomist and anarchist movements; property relations, power; race and the African diaspora; post-socialism; different/disability studies; alternative healing/medicine; and a passion for ancient Chinese philosophy.


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