Friederike Eichner

Research Assistant

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Rike 2My research focus is on the relationship between migration, asylum, health/illness and bureaucracy/statehood. The aim of my PhD-project is to explore trauma as a main concept for the classification of psychological suffering of young refugees in Germany. A guiding research question is how a medical and moral framework that renders the diverse and complex consequences of flight and asylum procedure intelligible emerges through widely used concepts of psychological consequences of trauma. Another focus is on how trauma as a category of knowledge becomes powerful in different settings (medical, bureaucratic and civil societal), how it is negotiated between these settings, and which subject positions arise for young refugees. Another research interest are neocharismatic (evangelical) religious practices and global arenas under postmodern, liberal and secular conditions.


Teaching/Interests: Migration, asylum and european border regime, anthropology of biomedicine and psychology, anthropology of religion



Morbidity of Asylum-Seekers in a Medium Sized German City. 2016,co-Authored by Amand Führer and Andreas Stang. In: European Journal of Epidemiology 31(7): 703-706.

Verloren im Räderwerk. Eine interdisziplinäre Studie zur Gesundheit und medizinischen Versorgung von Asylsuchenden in Halle (Saale). 2015, co-Authored by Amand Führer, as part of the study „Gesundheitsstatus und medizinische Versorgung von Asylsuchen- den in Halle (Saale)"

Statistics and Sovereignity: The Working of Biopower in Epidemiology. 2015, co-Authored by Amand Führer. In: Global Health Action 2015 (8).



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