Collaboration with the GRASSI Museum of Anthropology

Here you will find information about projects which the Institute of Anthropology is undertaking in partnership with the GRASSI Museum für Völkerkunde zu Leipzig (Museum of Anthropology, Leipzig). These include regular talks and films on anthropological subjects. The museum also co-organized with the Institute of Anthropology the exhibition commemorating the institute's centenary. The most recent project is called "Museum on the Couch". It provides an opportunity to reflect on museological traditions and experiment with alternative ways of engaging objects and presenting them to the public. All these projects offer students a chance to learn about material culture and to get involved in practical museum work . They are a platform for the continuous exchange of ideas and experiences between members of the University and the museum and an interface with the public in Leipzig.


MUSEUM ON THE COUCH Summer Term 2016

Reflexive Interventions in Anthropology

8 Installations 8 Theoretical Questions | 8 Important Insights


The exhibition shows a collaboration between the GRASSI Museum for Anthropology and the Institute for Anthropology at the University of Leipzig. It offers room for experimental works within the anthropological museum to search for practical resolutions and present them to the visitors of the museum. It seeks to create a place for anthropological theory and practice to meet each other.

The exhibition is can be seen in the GRASSI Museum für Völkerkunde until 30 September 2016.

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MUSEUM ON THE COUCH Winter Term 2015/2016

Reflexive and Creative Explorations in Anthropology

6 Installations | 6 Theoretical Questions | 6 Important Insights


1 House of Spirits - Your Ancestors are Calling

At least by now that humans are the most influential factor on the planet, we are so deeply intertwined with nature, that we inevitably are linked together. Under this light, the performative installation of ‘House of Spirits’ is the attempt to transpose this new found unity of nature and culture into the museum. In consequence, this interconnection updates our understanding of modernity. The installation invites the visitor to leave his individual physical and mental boundaries behind and to connect himself with his environment. Situated in the GRASSI Museum, it transforms the ethnological museum into a space where (cultural) history comes into being, is evolving and not only referred to.

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SCREENING THE WORLD - Film Series 2015/16

Grassi Kino PlakatLeipzig's GRASSI Museum of Anthropology is collaborating with the Institute of Anthropology to start a new film series called ''Screening the World''. The series will be kicked off with the screening of three engaging documentary films to be shown on Tuesdays between 17 November 2015 and January. All films are in their original languages with German subtitles, and start at 7 p.m. Entry is free. Drinks are available at a cost from 6 p.m. There will be the opportunity for discussion following each screening.

GRASSI Kinosaal, GRASSI Museum for Anthropology, Johannisplatz 5, 04103 Leipzig


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OBJECTS OF KNOWLEDGE - Exhibition Project 2014/15

 D3 6265 -klein

8 November 2014 – 22 February 2015

GRASSI Museum of Anthropology in Leipzig

Opening Hours: daily between 10am and 6pm, closed on Mondays.

Old things displayed in new ways provoke us to see them through fresh yes. The forthcoming exhibition “Objects of Knowledge. Reflections on Anthropological Ways of Seeing” opens up debates about the past and the future of anthropological collections by showing ethnographic objects from around the world in unusual constellations. Through provocative displays, it invites visitors to sensually engage with the products of human creativity, and prompts reflections on typical ways of seeing and understanding.

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COSMOLOGICAL ECHO - Lecture Series 2013/14

2013 Grassi ECHO Motiv AnsichtDas Kosmologische Echo gab Einblicke in Deutungsmuster und Vorstellungen, die sich mit dem Einfluss des Kosmos oder nichtmenschlicher Kräfte auf alltägliches Leben beschäftigen: Welchen Einfluss auf das Leben sprechen wir den Sternen zu? Welche Vorstellungen machen wir uns von transterrestrischen oder "außerirdischen" Wesen? Wie empfinden wir die Rolle des Wetters in Zeiten von Klimawandel?

Programm zum Download.

SOUND - Lecture Series 2012/13

klang das-ethnologische-echo 11Die Vortragsreihe KLANG - Das ethnologische Echo hatte das Ziel, für den auditiven Sinn zu sensibilisieren und Wirkungen und Bedeutungen von Klängen auf Menschen nachzuspüren: Welche Bedeutungen schreiben Menschen den Klängen in ihrer Umwelt zu? Welche Klänge produzieren sie, um ihre Gesellschaft zu gestalten? Wie wirkt Klang auf den Körper und die Psyche? Mit welchen Methoden kann man Rückschlüsse auf die auditive Wahrnehmung von Menschen ziehen? Und wie können wir diese Bedeutungssysteme durch Klang abbilden? Diese und andere Aspekte wurden im Echo beleuchtet.

Programm zum Download.


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