Guest Lecture by Ingmar Lippert

Infrastructuring Environments: Capitalism, Governance and Datascapes

All interested are invited to attend the next lecture on infrastructure by Ingmar Lippert (Museum für Naturkunde zu Berlin/ IT University Kopenhagen). He will talk about his research on data infrastructures and environmental governance. Please find the speaker's abstract below.

Time: 24 June 2019, 5-7pm Location: Lecture hall 4, auditorium building, Universitätsstrasse 3

Speaker's abstract: Industry and governments increasingly conceptualise the environment as an infrastructure. What is included and excluded within such infrastructuring and world-making projects? I employ Marilyn Strathern’s notion of internal externalities to ethnographically theorise the politics of infrastructuring environments as datascapes. Central to this perspective is analysing how environments are rendered visible and invisible within those information infrastructures that are well compatible with the needs of modern governance: accounting and audit. To empirically contextualise my ethnography of environmental accounting in the heart of capitalist governance, I position this accounting in relation to discursive shifts from emission trading via ecosystem services and natural capital, green infrastructures to capitalist acceleration. Across these capitalist reconfigurations of environments I identify a shared reliance on data and evidence. I propose that research at the intersections of environmental infrastructures and information infrastructures explores specifically the complicated data politics of the interwoven internalisation and externalisation of environmental troubles.


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