Andrea Fischer-Tahir, Katharina Lange (Editors)

Ethnographien des Wandels im Nahen Osten und Nordafrika

2016, Leipziger Universitätsverlag

Bohrmann Publikartion TitelblattOn the occasion of the retirement of Dr. Lothar Bohrmann, who has been a longstanding member of the Institute of Anthropology in Leipzig, Andrea Fischer-Tahir and Katharina Lange present an anthology in his honour. The collective volume is concerned with processes of change in the Near and Middle East as well as North Africa.

The authors examine particular facets of social and cultural shifts in these regions from an ethnographic perspective. These transformations can be described as open-ended processes, in which collective actors situate themselves in local, national, regional and global systems of interaction in order to re-negotiate their positions. This leads to exploration, the modification of rules and norms, and to the "re-invention of tradition".
At the same time, the volume documents several decades of ethnographic engagement with the Near and Middle East at the University of Leipzig, to which all of the authors have a biographical connection. This tradition is also closely related to Dr. Lothar Bohrmann.


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