Zeitschrift für Ethnologie, Issue 139 (2014)

Guest Editor: Ursula Rao


What are the tasks of anthropologycover? And what are the challenges for the future? We have asked these questions on the occasion of the 100 year anniversary celebration of the Institute of Anthropology in Leipzig. The founding of the Institute on 1 November 1914 marked the beginning of anthropology as an academic discipline in Germany.
In this special issue we wish to look ahead and examine how some of the core concerns of the discipline are reconfigured in contemporary debates. What are new ways of navigating between universal theory and culture relativism, between ethnography and theory? We consider this question by paying particular attention also to German debates, which are undergoing rapid globalization. We study cultural encounters. This includes reflecting on our own positon in inter-cultural communications and transnational fields, in our roles as ethnographers and professionals. This special issue discusses what we learned during encounters with research subjects, international colleagues and co-professionals.

  1. 1) William Sax: The Multiple Worlds of Ethnographic Fieldwork: A Personal Account

  2. 2) Stefanie Mauksch und Ursula Rao: Fieldwork as Dialogue. Reflections on Alternative Forms of Engagement

  3. 3) Michael Bollig und Peter Finke: Explanatory Models in Anthropology: Methodological Refinements, Cross-Cultural Comparison and Theoretical Developments

  4. 4) Michael Schnegg: Anthropology and Comparison: Methodological Challenges and Tentative Solutions

  5. 5) Thomas Bierschenk: From the Anthropology of Development to the Anthropology of Global Social Engineering

  6. 6) Sandra Calkins und Richard Rottenburg: Getting Credit for What You Write? Conventions and Techniques of Citation in German Anthropology

  7. 7) Bernhard Streck: Die Visionen der Vergangenheit. Das Leipziger Institut für Ethnologie im Spiegel seiner Veröffentlichungen

The special issue will be published in November 2014 and will be officially presented during the centenary celebration of the Institute of Anthropology in Leipzig, on the 7th of November at 4pm in the Alter Senatssaal of the University of Leipzig.


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