Invitation to the Celebratory Send-Off for Dr. Lothar Bohrmann: Symposium and Festive Celebration

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-24 um 15.45.07We would like to cordially invite you to the send-off events for Dr. Lothar Bohrmann. For this occasion, we host a symposium on July 7th ("Intervention als Politik und Magie: Dimensionen grenzüberschreitender Eingriffe in Krisengebieten") as well as a festive celebration on July 8th, which will include music, book presentation, and a ceremonial address by Prof. Dr. Anke Reichenbach, Zayed University Dubai ("Zum widersprüchlichen Umgang mit Daus in Dubais Identitätskonstruktionen").


The program for the event is available for download here.

Lecture Series "Wellbeing" in the Summer Semester 2016


The lecture series in the upcoming summer semester held by the Institute for Anthropology and the Institute of African Studies addresses the subject of "Wellbeing". International speakers will report on "Public-Private Health Insurance Schemes in India: What Works and What Doesn't?" (Stefan Ecks, University of Edinburgh), "Ethics, Epistemology and Ethnography: Ethical Review Committees and the Special Case of Germany" (Hansjörg Dilger, FU Berlin), or "Encamped Nation: Ebola Events or Exploring Necropolitics During a State of Emergency" (Veronica Gomez-Temesio, Université de Lyon).


The lectures will be held from 17-19h in Hörsaal 4 in the Hörsaalgebäude in Universitätsstraße 3.

Please note: There have been changes to the programme in June and July.

The updated version of the programme is is available for download here.

Lecture Series "Museum 4.0"

museum digital rv uni halleThe lecture series "Museum 4.0 - Challenges for Cultural Heritage in the Digital World" is taking place during the summer term on Thursdays, 16-18h, at Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg

The programme is available for download here.

Collaborative Research Centre "Processes of Spatialization under the Global Condition"

The Institute of Anthropology is participating in the Collaborative Research Centre "Processes of Spatialization under the Global Condition", which will be funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) with more than € 1.4 million a year from January 2016 onwards for a duration of four years. With an overall of almost 20 projects, this undertaking links the expertise of the fields of area studies, history and human geography as well as the systematic approach of the social and cultural sciences to create an interdisciplinary research context. The Institute of Anthropology contributes research into "The spatial impact of microfinance projects in India" as well as "Land imaginations: the repositioning of farming, productivity, and sovereignty in Australia".

Read more: Collaborative Research Centre "Processes of Spatialization under the Global Condition"

Exhibition "fremd," at GRASSI museum


The distinction between "our culture" and "foreign cultures" was institutionally established in Europe when the first ethnological museum opened in the second half of the 19th century. This distinction continues to live on inside and outside the museum, unfolding its socio-political relevance especially at a time when as many people are searching refuge as rarely before. The exhibition "fremd" raises the question of modes of display in ethnological museums and their effects. Which image of the "foreign/er" is constructed? What does it mean to present "foreign cultures" as having no history? Which position and stance do "we" , as spectators, take in the face of the museum's display? Taking this questioning as a starting point, the exhibition will provide the opportunity not only to discuss the function and future of the ethnological museum but also of the notion of "the foreign" as such.

The exhibition was featured in the German television news service Tagesschau and can be viewed online here.

Read more: Exhibition "fremd," at GRASSI museum

MUSEUM ON THE COUCH: Reflexive and creative explorations in anthropology

Student works kopf1

12 January to 17 January 2016
Opening: Tuesday 12 January 2016 at 5 PM

An exploratory tour in the permanent exhibition in 6 steps,
an itinerary conceived by the ethnology students of the Institut für Ethnologie, Leipzig.
6 installations / 6 theoretic questions / 6 important insights

The student proposals are identifiable with this red spot.

All are welcome!

Read more: MUSEUM ON THE COUCH: Reflexive and creative explorations in anthropology

Lecture Series "Dimensions of Agency: Entrepreneurship in Business, Culture and Governance"

Poster Dimensions of AgencyDuring summer term 2015, the Institute of Anthropology and the Institute for African Studies will co-host a lecture series titled "Dimensons of Agency: Entrepreneurship in Business, Culture and Governance".
In recent years, the figure of the entrepreneur has become ubiquitous in many discourses. Entrepreneurship is no longer limited to economic activities, but encompasses competences and practices in many fields. There are cultural entrepreneurs, identity entrepreneurs, norm entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs and violence entrepreneurs, to name but a few. In this lecture series, we aim at critically exploring the surge in "entrepreneurship" and its relevance for the study of social processes in the Global South. Are these new modes of entrepreneurship really new or are they new labels for agency and actors that have long been observed by anthropologists, such as for instance Big Men, development brokers or identity managers? Is the popularity of the label "entrepreneur" a consequence of neoliberal ideologies of self-management? Is "entrepreneurship" useful as a heuristic device for studying particular forms of agency? What distinguishes entrepreneurship from other forms of agency?
We will welcome renowned German scholars as well as eminent scholars from abroad such as Richard Wolf (Harvard University), Jutta Bakonyi (Durham University) and Richard Pfeilstetter (University of Seville). Lectures will take place weekly from the 13th of April until the 13th of June 2015, on Mondays from 5 until 7pm in Lecture Hall 6 of the University of Leipzig, Universitätsstr. 3 (except on public holidays).

Download Lecture Series Programme


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