Mark Maguire, Ursula Rao, Nils Zurawski (Editors)

Bodies as Evidence. Security, Knowledge, and Power

2018, Duke University Press.

Bodies as EvidenceThis volume provides anthropological perspectives on the great technical, scientific and expert efforts that characterize the drive to know and manage the complexities of security in the contemporary moment. Bodies of Evidence focuses on the key problem of evidence that shapes emerging practices of security. In the realm of security, evidence is everywhere in demand and always in doubt. Indeed, one sees a veritable obsession with measurement, quantification and verification and at the same time a deep distrust of evidence in an era termed “post-truth era”. We use the terms “bodies of evidence” as a conceptual tool to explore biometric identification, borders and migration control, forensic knowledge, policing, and counterterrorism.

By attending to bodies of evidence, we show how security discourses and practices target the body while also contributing to emergent configurations of knowledge and power.

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