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claudia langClaudia Lang is a medical anthropologist and her research focusses on depression, the reconfiguration of suffering into a medical condition and the way globalized mental health categories comes to be fabricated, translated and experienced. Her work is located in India and she publishes in the field of traditional medicine, religion and ritual, subjectivities, gender identities and intersexuality. She considers how local social worlds respond to new challenges. For example, she examines the expansion of Kerala's comprehensive system of health governance and care, to target inner feelings, emotional suffering and existential despair. In another project, she shows how Ayurvedic practitioners incorporate the modern problem of depression and (re)invent Ayurvedic psychiatry. In her new research she focuses on new opportunities created for citizens in India to reduce work stress and establish a well-balanced life.

Before joining the University of Leipzig, Claudia Lang held academic positions at the Centre de Recherche, Médecine, Sciences, Santé, Santé Mentale, Société (cermes3), Paris (2016-2018), the Westfälische Wilhelms University, Münster (2015-2016) and the Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich (2006-2016, 2002-2004).


 Curriculum vitae PD Dr. Claudia Lang


Cross-cultural psychiatry, psychology and mental health, Medical anthropology, Global mental health, Depression, Religion and spirituality, Ayurveda, Gender, Transgender/Intersexuality, Anthropology of the body, South Asia



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