The Baure Documentation Project

The Baure Documentation Project (DoBeS - Dokumentation bedrohter Sprachen - Documentation of endangered languages, Volkswagen Stiftung, 2007-2013)

The project The documentation of the Baure language of Bolivian Amazonia is financed by the funding program DoBeS (Dokumentation bedrohter Sprachen - Documentation of endangered languages) of the Volkswagen foundation. The aim is a complex documentation of the seriously endangered South Arawakan language with the name Baure, spoken in the Bolivian department Beni, which belongs to the Amazonian fringe of Bolivia, close to the border with Brazil.

The project documents the Baure language group with its three dialects: Baure, Carmelito, and Joaquiniano, spoken in the Bolivian Amazonia. Data were collected for a preceding project from 2003 till 2006 and incorporated to the archive. From 2007 till 2013 the current documentation project is collecting data.

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