Event on the Current Situation in Somalia


 Current situation in Somalia: federalism, reconciliation and the way forward

Presentation by Abdirahman Abdishukur Warsame, the leading opposition politician of Somalia

Somalia is widely known as the „world’s most failed state“. Yet, buzzwords often conceal what is happening on the ground. After 30 years of civil war, war and humanitarian crisis, there are signs that Somalia is slowly “getting on its feed” again. Since 2012, two peaceful presidential elections have been held in Mogadishu, which, however, have been indirect elections (involving electoral delegates). For 2020, the first popular elections since 1969 are planned. Burning questions concern security and political order in a country that is, particularly in the south, still destabilized by ongoing fighting between Islamist extremists (Al Shabaab) and government forces and their allies (AMISOM troops plus US special forces). Abdirahman Abdishukur Warsame has been involved in Somali politics (including diaspora activism) for the past 15 years or so. Currently he is leading the opposition in Somalia and is a presidential candidate. His experiences and also his background in law qualify him to give a well-founded presentation on the role of the (new) federal structure for stabilizing the country and on the challenges and options for reconciliation in Somalia. This presentation will be given in English. In the subsequent discussions, questions can be asked in English, German and Somali (and questions and answers will be translated into English, if necessary).


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The event is open to all interested persons!

Speaker’s Biography

Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame was born in 1968 in Somalia. He graduated from the International University of Africa (Khartoum) in 1997 with a degree in laws before and gained his Master of Laws in comparative federalism from the National University of Malaysia. He subsequently settled in the UK, and attended several courses on management and leadership, strategic communications, conflict resolution, negotiations skills. He became active member of the Somali Diaspora community and played a role in a variety of welfare and media outreach projects, related to integration, civic engagements, and de-radicalization of young Muslims. He established Somali Concern Group with other key members of UK based Somali activists and become executive director of North London Muslim Welfare Centre. He eventually returned to Somalia in 2007 to serve as deputy chairman of the Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia (ARS). In that capacity, he served as the ARS’ chief negotiator during the landmark Djibouti talks in 2008-2009, which ultimately led to the formation of the Transitional Federal Government. He then joined the post-Djibouti government as Minister of National Planning and International Cooperation and Member of Parliament. Between 2012 and 2014 Abdirahman worked as a senior advisor for the Somali government. In 2014 he became advisor to the United Nation Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM). In 2016 he founded Wadajir Party, which is currently the main opposition party in Somalia. Abdirahman is candidate for the upcoming presidential elections (2020).


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