Exhibition "fremd," at GRASSI museum


The distinction between "our culture" and "foreign cultures" was institutionally established in Europe when the first ethnological museum opened in the second half of the 19th century. This distinction continues to live on inside and outside the museum, unfolding its socio-political relevance especially at a time when as many people are searching refuge as rarely before. The exhibition "fremd" raises the question of modes of display in ethnological museums and their effects. Which image of the "foreign/er" is constructed? What does it mean to present "foreign cultures" as having no history? Which position and stance do "we" , as spectators, take in the face of the museum's display? Taking this questioning as a starting point, the exhibition will provide the opportunity not only to discuss the function and future of the ethnological museum but also of the notion of "the foreign" as such.

The exhibition was featured in the German television news service Tagesschau and can be viewed online here.

Curatorial team: Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer, Clemens von Wedemeyer, Anke Dyes, Anna Jehle.

Initiated by Nanette Snoep and Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer.


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